Our secrets

Every product hide a secret ingredient or recipe.

Our mayonnaise

Our mayonnaise Natura has the homemade taste, it is even better that the one who have in our home because it has this unique taste and a delicious texture that we love to remember, that one who is whipped with passion, with high-quality ingredients, simple ingredients that we know the name: eggs, oil, vinegar en mustard

Découvrez comment notre mayonnaise est faite selon notre recette authentique, sans conservateurs ou autres additifs:

Nos jaunes d’œufs sont mélangés à la moutarde et au sel

On y ajoute l’huile. Et les batteurs s’agitent. C’est la phase d’émulsion.

Dernière étape, on verse le vinaigre

Sauce qui peut !

Our sauces

The traditional production process, using large baking whisks, is unique

We know the name of every ingredients. There is no preservatives, additives or colourings

With respect for the nature…. Because that’s all Natura !

Our mustard

Our mustard is made by Tons, an artisan mustard maker that realizes handmade mustard since 1978. The mustard recipes are passed on from generation to generation. Every ingredient is carefully chosen in order to offer the best products. The products are then prepared in our workplace that works completely with renewable energy (solar energy).

Our dressing

De recipes contain no preservatives, additives or colourings.

Shake me! The division between the oil and the other ingredients is completely natural. It’s the proof that our products contain no additives.

Our chutneys

Our handmade chutney have a unique taste thanks to the fresh onions and natural ingredients. 

Our organic range 

Every organic product from Natura are certified organic, from the field to the fork.

De products are developed in our workplace in Holland that works completely with renewable energy.