Our secrets

Every product hides a secret ingredient or recipe.

Our mayonnaise

Our Natura mayonnaise tastes homemade and is even better than the one at home. It has an unmistakable taste and delicious texture you won't forget. It is whipped with passion, with ingredients of the highest quality. All of these are so simple you'd know them by name: eggs, oil, vinegar and mustard. 

Discover how our mayonnaise is made according to an authentic recipe, without additives or preservatives 

Our egg yolks are mixed with mustard and salt

We add oil and beat with baking whisks. This is called emulsifying

Add vinegar as a last step

Mayonnaise is ready!

Our sauces

Unique production process using large baking whisks

All of our ingredients have names you would recognise. There are no preservatives, additives or colourings. 

With respect for the nature…. Because it's Natura!

Our mustard

Our mustard is made by van TON, an artisan handmade mustard maker since 1978. With mustard recipes passed from generation to generation, every ingredient is carefully chosen in order to make the best possible product. All these are prepared at our location that uses completely with renewable solar energy.

Our dressing

Our recipes contain no preservatives, additives or colourings.

Shake me! It's completely normal for oil and the other ingredient to separate. It’s proof that our products contain no additives.

Our chutneys

Our handmade chutney have a unique taste thanks to the fresh onions and natural ingredients. 

Our organic range 

Every organic product from Natura is certified organic, from field to fork.

Products are developed in our workplace in Holland that uses completely renewable energy.